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Experts Know Their Client Needs.

Our Clients

The majority of our clients combine an international profile with a track record of solid growth. What lies ahead is a transformation process to cope with future challenges. Our clients are hidden champions, ready for the next chapter in their corporate success story.

Whether they are ingenious innovation leaders or traditional family-owned businesses: the upcoming adjustments that need to be made in the financial and process-related landscape are highly complex and deserve the outstanding commitment provided by “Joyia Support”.

International Corporations

In a highly competitive and disruptive market environment, companies need to improve on a continuous basis. This often involves structural changes, such as transactions, integrations and carve-outs. Such processes require consultants who bring hands-on experience and proven solutions. Let us guide you through these challenging waters – we provide the long-standing expertise you need.

Private Equity Companies

Private equity companies need reliable and experienced consultants, who are able to provide support throughout all phases of an investment. From the acquisition, to the introduction of financial reporting structures, and through to the exit scenario, we make sure that implementation delivers optimum results – always precise, fast and with a strong sense of what is appropriate.

Family Offices

Family offices bundle the assets of all family members. Leadership in family offices requires experienced, discreet and loyal consultants, who leave the limelight to others. With strategic foresight, the right structures need to be erected, taking into account all particular circumstances. This requires seniority and specialist knowledge.

Excerpt from client list