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We know your deal. Supporting your M&A process from the non-disclosure agreement
to post-merger integration.

Transaction Support

Transaction or carve-out processes always involve great effort from both the sell and buy side – this usually takes place under heavy time constraints: elaborate corporate data must be prepared, delivered and analysed using dataroom technology. We structure and justify such data and ensure timely implementation of the process. We collaborate with all parties involved and conduct your M&A process until the deal is signed.

Financial Due Diligence

The decision to acquire an entity is based on the careful examination of the target’s financial data, including analysis of its balance sheets and income statements. We verify the business plans presented, determine the sustainably achievable income and cashflow figures, and identify the target’s financial risks. Are you the acquisition target? We support the preparation of due diligence documents and support the Q&A process with the potential buyer.

Transaction Accounting

M&A transactions regularly involve special accounting requirements. The seller must prepare closing or carve-out financials as at the transfer date, while buyers have to conduct a purchase price allocation, which needs to be rolled forward on a regular basis. The purchase agreements usually comprise complex earn-out stipulations governing the purchase price allocation after the closing. Let us support you in mastering these one-time accounting challenges. We provide expertise and keep an overview to ensure that your transaction unfolds its full potential.

Post Merger Integration

After a deal has successfully closed, a number of additional tasks arise. The newly acquired entity needs to be integrated in the existing reporting landscape, while accounting requirements have to be adjusted, and deal financials prepared. We know how to successfully integrate target entities into group structures: We prepare GAAP analyses, determine IFRS and PPA adjustments, update accounting guidelines and ensure that the stipulations laid out in the purchase agreement are properly implemented. This allows you to refocus on your daily business immediately following conclusion of the transaction.